Euston Town became a business improvement district in March 2016 at a time when major transportation projects in the area are set to have an enormous effect on the business community.

In the lead-up to the election, we spent a year campaigning. It gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations and understand in detail what the business community lacks, and what they wanted from a business improvement district. We split these interests in to three strands:

Big Transport, Big Opportunities

HS2 and Crossrail 2 are two enormous transportation projects that will inevitably cause controversy and disruption during their construction.

Nevertheless, we see a once-in-a-generation opportunity posed by them. A full redevelopment of Euston station could provide jobs, homes and business opportunities. A redesign of the station could finally make Euston Town permeable and accessible, like other major transport hubs in London.


Businesses were concerned by air quality issues facing Euston Town – Euston Road has particularly high levels of pollution that effect employees, residents, visitors and schools in the surrounding area.

Projects that tackle air pollution and mitigate the worst effects of construction will help to create a greener, more sustainable environment in Euston Town.


A current theme in our conversations with members was the lack of individual identity enjoyed by Euston Town. Projects related to transport and the environment will help to create a Euston Town brand, but we also need to explore other avenues of making it more than just a transport hub.

Run by business, for business

Euston Town is entirely accountable to its member community. Our management team is
directly answerable to a board of local business leaders, elected annually from and by our business membership.

Our agenda is set according to the priorities of our business members. This ensures that all of our initiatives are designed to benefit local businesses, the economy and general trading environment.


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