Keir Starmer: Integrate Crossrail2 & HS2 Projects

20th February 2017

‘Today MPs will debate the HS2 bill in parliament for what is almost certainly the final time.’

Keir Starmer and Andrew Dismore have called on the government to integrate two major transportation projects coming to Euston, in City AM today.

Hs2 and Crossrail 2 are enormous construction projects facing Euston Town. Currently, the plans are to bolt platforms on to the side of the existing station. As Starmer and Dismore write, this is not sufficient – a much-needed, full redesign of the station itself would make this a complete project. euston_1

Also, as we have vocalised since becoming a BID, we support the article’s call for the full integration of these two projects. Crossrail 2 is likely to enter the same station, and the article suggests pausing HS2 at Old Oak Common to wait for construction of Crossrail 2 to begin. Euston Town – its residential, visitor and business communities – could be saved additional years of disruption if both are brought together in a cohesive plan.

Finally, the article touches on the issue of traffic which will be felt in both Camden Town and Euston Town. The presence of HGVs importing and exporting materials will bring new levels of pollution and congestion. If HS2 construction is indeed paused, the resultant extra rail capacity could be used for construction materials instead of lorries. Whether the projects are indeed integrated and HS2’s arrival is delayed to coincide with Crossrail 2’s, the matter of increased pollution must be a top concern for planners. The air quality in Euston is amongst the worst in the UK, and we owe it to residents, businesses, employees and schools to do all we can to improve it.

Read the full article here.