Launching the Eustontowner!

23rd April 2017

Before we were elected as Euston Town’s business partnership, we made three areas of focus the centre of our campaign: transportation projects, air quality and environment, and the identity of Euston Town.

Euston is richly steeped in history, has a diverse business community, a strong network of residents and voluntary organisations and is perfectly connected to the rest of London. But these attributes are clouded by the persistent perception that it’s little more than a transport hub.

It is a transport hub; but it’s also so much more.

Building and promoting an area’s identity requires research, innovative projects, an understanding of its history and a vision for the future. But we need to appreciate what’s here right now for people to understand Euston Town is a place they want to visit and explore. ET1-cover

The Eustontowner is a publication brought to you by the guys behind Gasholder and Kentishtowner. It’s a quarterly magazine that covers everything from food and drink to the work of local individuals. There are photography exhibitions, art galleries, international restaurants and a collection of pubs to cover. There are interviews with local people and facts you didn’t know.

Currently, you can find the first edition in the following locations:

* Drummond St (in front of the Afghan Girl street art)
* Chalton St Mkt (near Sommerstown Coffee House)
* Beside Mornington Crescent station
* Euston Rd by Euston Square tube
* Eversholt St (by Flying Dutchman, next to existing CNJ unit)
* In front of Euston Station
* Outside West Euston Partnership (near Regent’s Quarter)
* Wellcome Collection, Euston Road, lobby

We’re on the lookout for more locations so let us know if you could stock some in your office, lobby or cafe. And of course, if you’d like to be featured in the future.

Enjoy having a fresh look at Euston Town!