6th June 2017

It’s no secret that London is suffering from terrible air quality that effects us personally, our children and the effectiveness of our businesses. In many ways our city is so ahead of the curve – but our levels of pollution are increasinly seen as unacceptable.

National Clean Air Day is about raising awareness and understanding the small changes that we can make – at individual levels as well as organisational – which can have a significant impact if we all pitch in.

As a BID we are committed to the cause. We are embarking on a project to promote a walking route between Euston station and Regents Park that avoids the highly polluted Euston Road. It will enhance the living environment, encourage sustainable behaviours and involve the local community.

We’ve created an air quality hub to bundle our projects and resources together. Here you can find live data of air pollution, allowing you to monitor and reroute if air quality is particularly bad. Parents, for example, might be particularly interested to see alternative walking routes that will help protect their children on their way to school.

And Click Collect is a campaign encouraging individuals to use centralised delivery points for their packages. It takes vans doing single deliveries off the streets, relieves congestion and makes our streets more pedestrian friendly. It’s good for business and good for our lungs.

If you’re taking part in #NationalCleanAirDay, we’d like to hear from you! There’s some great educational campaigns going on, efforts to make changes to behaviour and synchornised campaigns amongst London BIDs to enhance the contribution from the business community to improving air quality.