Urgent Pollution Warnings

25th January 2017

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has issued a ‘very high’ air pollution warning at bus stops, road signs and tube stations under his new alert system. With the current cold, settled weather, winds are not dispersing local pollutants which are particularly high in areas including Euston Road.

London pollution stats

Source: BBC

The alert is meant to raise awareness, especially for more vulnerable people, to take precautions. Pollution on Sunday, 22nd January was the highest recorded level since April 2011.

Euston Town is unfortunately exposed to high levels of pollution due to the volume of vehicles using Euston Road every day, and therefore so are employees, residents and school children. As a BID, one of our three areas of focus is to explore air quality issues in the area, and implement projects that will help to alleviate the worst symptoms.

Identifying and regenerating local green areas, promoting healthier walking routes and improving streetscape to encourage less use of polluting transport is a good start. Partnering with those leading the discussions on air quality will help to boost our knowledge and capabilities. And of course, if you think you have an idea for a project that could help to improve air quality please get in touch. info@eustontown.com.