Public Realm

Our projects to create great public space in Euston Town.

HS2 Business Forums

Connecting local businesses to the HS2 policy makers, striking up meaningful conversations to ensure we grasp the opportunity of a generation.

In Conversation With…

Connecting our members to the people with the power to represent their interests.


London faces challenging times ahead with crime and terrorism – we will be building on workshops and projects that will help to keep the area safe.

Driving Down Costs

We’ve created partnerships that help us get the best deal for our business members.


The BID was created to lobby on behalf of our members at a time of drastic change in Euston Town.

Celebrating Local Business

An initiative that celebrates the businesses that enhance Euston Town and Camden Town.


A regeneration project that has moved in to Euston Town’s dilapidated Temperance Hospital.


Air quality issues, congestion and upcoming transportation projects mean that environmental concerns are are the forefront of our focus.