Euston Square Station


The ambience partnership with tfl

We were selected by TfL as one of the successful applicants to join the first ever round of the 'Ambience Partnership'. This new partnership will see both organisations contributed funds and resources to create something beautiful.


The station

Currently, the station lacks a presence on the busy Euston Road. Not only is it useful for pedestrians to identify the underground station, it's also handy to promote the use the underpass to cross the congested road, without going through the barriers. 

It displays a neglected row of plants, a half covered information board and is in need of lighting to make the stairs safer. 

euqston sq.PNG

The future

Whilst Euston undergoes construction and hoardings go up, we need to enhance the areas that will remain untouched. The new Euston Square entrance will feature more prominent signage that attracts not just commuters, but also pedestrians looking to cross the road. Lighting will make it easier and safer in the dark. A planting scheme along the top will be installed to add some vibrant jungle to the urban surroundings. And a beautifully designed info board will help to signpost local destinations - in particular Drummond Street and Chalton Street, where independent businesses are continuing to give Euston Town a buzz.