About Us

Euston Town was set up as a business partnership in reaction to the HS2 infrastructure programme, which will inevitably have an enormous effect on surrounding businesses for many years to come. Our primary ambition is to ensure that the resulting redesign of Euston benefits everyone. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that we cannot miss. 

Whilst setting up the organisation, we listened to the concerns of our future members to shape our direction and focus. It's led us to build three areas of focus in to our operations:

Big transport, big opportunity.

Whether it's HS2, Crossrail2 or improvements to existing roads and infrastructure, it is vital to the positioning of Euston Town as a major hub of transport, knowledge, business opportunity and community.

Air quality.

The levels of pollution on Euston Road are unacceptable and filter not just in to the businesses we represent, but also the surrounding schools and residential communities. 


Euston is a vibrant place with a rich cultural history. Rather than create something new, we want to retain the character we already have in abundance, promote it to the outside world and watch our businesses flourish as a result. 

Check out our projects page to see what we do for each of these areas.

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